Monday, December 25, 2006


Ok, I have tried this two other times, and wham, bam, i lose it. So here it goes. LOL. Had a great Christmas! All the family was here: Ashley, Jerad, Bill, and Myself. We celebrated our family Christmas on Christmas Eve, and with the larger family (my side, as Bill's sisters live so far away, and his mom passed last December) today. Lots of food, fellowship, and fun! The presents were awesome also, but we are humbled by the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I couldn't get much into the Christmas Season this year. I have had trouble with my knee since vacation in November. A couple of trips to the doc to find out that I do have a small tear, but that surgicially repairing it will not help me. My MRI shows that I need a total knee replacement soon as the cartilage on one side of my knee is near gone! YIKES!!! But first the docs want me to lose weight, but by thier way--LAP BAND surgery. No way Jose! Thanks very much, but I can do it on my own. Just have to get way more serious now, as if I dont get it off I will be having the surgery sooner than I would like. The docs would like for me to wait a few years before I get the replacement, because, thier life span is about 20 years, so by the time I am 65 years old, I could be looking at another. I think i will opt for the weight loss.

Work is going good! We may be looking at moving in the next year or so. I hate to leave here, but my dh health would be so much better if we were somewhere warmer and drier! We are shooting for about a year and a half to totally be out there. DH and son may move a few months prior to me, but we will see.

My embroidery machine has been smoking the last week or so. I stitched on some shirts for the great neices and nephews! It was so fun! Now, I have two quilts waiting on me to be bound! I cant wait to get them done, as one is a round robin made by some dear friends, and the other is a combo of a couple of swaps from SMSwaps forum. Afraid no pics yet.

I think we will be working on some jobs around the house--need to if we are going to sell! So that will be our priority now. Gotta get the bucks, because the housing sure isnt cheap in CA. LOL.

Here is hoping you and yours had a Wonderful Holy-day Season! Merry Christmas!