Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quilt Politics?

I was over at Pickledishquilts the other day and found this cartoon! Isn't it so appropriate for the upcoming elections. Ok, that is all I am saying about politics!

Had a kinda good week. Found out we don't get our building for the quilt shoppe until October 31! This is a bit frustrating, but what is starting a quilt shoppe without a few frustrations. We will be opening on November 7, 2008! We are excited about that, but wanted time to make some changes before opening. Well, the show must go on as they say. Lots of fabric coming weekly!

Work has had its trials this week also. But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? Well, I at least have part of my backside left! I pray for the day when the only "work" I have is in my quilt shoppe! Pray for me please!

Ford Hubby and Ford son are home for tonite. They leave again tomorrow. I miss them when they are gone. The doggies keep me company, or is it the other way around?

I head out this coming Wednesday for the Des Moines APQS show! Yeehaw! I am sharing a hotel room with a couple of other gals! I can't wait to go and see the quilts, and what is new and "HOT" in the quilt world. Oh, and I will love the vendors. I will let you know when I return what goodies I got! One of the gals and I are going to see Mark Lapinski(sp?)on Friday nite! I have heard he is a hoot. Can't wait to see for myself!

Have a great weekend!

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