Sunday, September 30, 2007

Long Time No See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am back. It has been so long since i posted, but so much going on in my life. I know yada, yada! LOL. Anywho, spent friday sick at home with a BAD sinus infection. Through the weekend passing, I am getting over it slowly. Yesterday, I was so bored. I managed to get out of bed, and work on some shirts i got on clearance over the summer for my great nieces, and a great nephew. I embroidered them with some fun sayings.
We are going out to eat in a few minutes and wanted to pop on here and show them too you. I hope to stop by their house on the way and give them to them. I hope they like them. It is getting cool here, but I think they will have time to wear them.

My Embroidery Projects