Friday, September 26, 2008


Sorry for my lateness with this post. I was suppose to draw last weekend, but with getting ready for a business trip I forgot the drawing until I was way down at Lake of the Ozarks--BTW, beautiful country! I want a condo down there--someday! Hey, a girl can dream right? LOL
Anywho, I should not delay this any longer. Here are the winners with the help of a number generator, and my son and his girlfriend!

The Winners ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Geranium Cottage



Ladies, please snail mail me your snail mails, and I will get your winnings right out to you! Please let me know how you like the patterns! I have so much fun designing them for you!

Well, it is late, and have to get the company car back tomorrow EARLY, so better hit the hay!
Thanks to all that played!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

DANGER! WIll Robinson! DANGER!

Well, let me tell you, new RADA knives are sharp SHARP! I was visiting my son at the tech school he is attending, and being the wonderful momma that I am I was making his favorite sweet potato dish, and low and behold, lookie lou to what I did! Did i mention, that I hate cutting sweet potatoes because I am always afraid of cutting myself?

After finding out that the little po dunk town that his tech school is in does not have medical services available on weekends, we traveled to the next largest town and after 3 hours in the emergency room, I became the proud owner of 4 brand new stitches. This pic was actually taken today, and this happened last weekend.
I get my stitches out next Thursday! Yippee! (Oh bother, like pooh would say!)

News on the Quilt Shop opening front! The building had hail damage, and that resulted in a VERY leaky roof. We do not have possession yet. So the current owners had to take care of that. We now have a new roof on the building, and a garantee for 2 years on it. So we are happy about that. Looks like we won't get possession until sometime in the later part of October. We are still getting lots of bolts of fabric in! I am looking into getting the shop up on the web soon also.

So much to do and so little time. I am currently trying to work on shop samples when I am not working at my current job (RN at local hospital). Trying to decide on the layout of the shop, what walls need to come down, etc. I hope to get a pic up of the shop front at some point, then I will put pics up as we do the remodel.

Got my order from Primitives By Kathy. Ordered some note pads and a display piece. It is soooooooooooo cute! I am just busting with excitement! I am also marketing my own patterns at the quilt shop when it opens too! I sold two at a Summer Fest in July, and the gals are working on them now. It excites me to see what fabrics others use with my patterns. I have a friend that is helping me with the writing of the patterns once they are designed. This person wants to stay anonymous for now, but I want to give her a big THANKS here! Here they are:

The Firecracker Quilt pattern is a minature, and the Fall Frenzy is a larger quilt, and charm pack friendly.
Leave a comment on this post and I will draw a a couple of winners, one for each pattern next weekend!

See You Soon!