Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Fun!

Went shopping today--yes, of course quilt shoppe shopping. I managed to get a few goodies in my bag today. I will be making some stocking for some foster children so picked up some novelty fabric for that. Then cabbaged on to some RED minkee for a sweatshirt I am making for a dear friend that gave me a thimble that she got while on vacation this summer. I then came back to my friends house and we ate the most wonderful Indian dish. It was flavored with curry--one of my fav spices. Then, we settled in to sew for awhile. I did more embroidery than anything. Did the little snowman and stars on a teatowel. I think it turned out so purty! Then I stitched out some more snowmen. First I stitch them out on recycled jean fabric, and then on the item/fabric I want the final stitchout to be on. I plan on making a rag quilt with all the jean snowmen that I stitch out. I will post when I do. I also put the binding on a quilt for someone special for Christmas. I hope to have it done by this week. Whew! Will I ever get it all done? LOL
Well, better get to bed, the midnight oil is burning!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

A Beginning.........................

Well, last nite I had made my first blog entry, and I was so tired that I accidently hit the delete button. Arggggggggggggggh! Oh well, I will try again. I am at some friends for the weekend. Hope to do some quilt shop hopping, and sew some. That is what I call a fun weekend! Yeehaw!

I brought Em along, my new "to Me" Embroidery machine. I am also hoping to get a gift embroidered this weekend! I have so much that needs to get done, that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. But, this is my FAVORITE time of the year. Well, I am a bit tired so I will close! Have a great Saturday!