Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again!

Again, it has been way too long. It is a COLD day here in Northern Missouri. I used to "wish" for this weather---What Was I Think'in? I am still working my nite job, and at the store when I can be. Haven't done alot of sewing recently, but my plans are to change that very soon. In March, the store is vendoring at "Honey Creek Resort" on the19th & 20th. The Centerville, IA,guild has a quilt show, and we didnt get to vendor last year. So mom and I are pretty excited about it.
Health wise, the family is doing ok. Bill is staying healthy this year so far. I was admitted to the hospital with Chest pain on Christmas Eve--I know,what a way to spend the Holiday--but it subsided, and there was no damage to my heart, so I am very blessed. The kids are doing great--Ashley is still in KC, and for the moment Jerad is living at home.
I did just recently get the quilt shoppe on facebook,so look up "Stitch-N-Tyme" and like us so you get all the news happening there. Still working on getting it online sometime soon, so watch for that announcement there.
Miss all my online buddies, hope to reconnect with some of you in person someday.


Reeze Hanson said...

Debbers!!! Wow it is so good to see you back in the blog world. I have missed you like crazy!! When are you going to come back to SMS retreat?? We miss you.

Angela said...

There she is. For some reason I hopped over here and you are back! And you have the followers thingy now, so I am joined. Take care.