Sunday, March 2, 2008

Final Count of Quilt A Thon

Once again, thanks Judy L @ Patchwork Times. Thanks for getting my pa tootie in gear this weekend. If I had not been visiting your blog, I am sure I would have sit in front of the TV thinking about all of the things I could be doing! LOL. My fav past time. Anywho! Here is what I finally accomplished as of 9:50 P.M.:

1. Finished the boy charity flimsy, and I got the flannel back sewn together (using left over bits and pieces of flannel that have been around for ages). This is ready to be put on moms quilter at the end of this week and begin life as a quilt!

2. While finding flannel for boy charity quilt, I decided I needed to widdle down my flannel tub. E-gads, I think the fabric in there propagated (sp?)--LOL. I got 12- twelve inch blocks finished, and 8 more over halfway finished. If there is time this week after work, I will try to get that top together! Oh, the freedom this brings!

3. Out of other left over flannel projects, I have started blocks for a baby quilt--still just blocks! And, I have sewn 6 nine inch flannel blocks into a rectangle--thinking pillowcase here, or dog bed.

Sorry no pics, just too pooped to do that. Well, better go in and chat with hubby before heading off to bed. This has been fun! And, it has been fun to read about all of your adventures too!


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Julia said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of all that you accomplished!!