Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Fall Over!

I know, I know, 2 posts in one week, and not very many days from one another! What is the world coming too????????
Did some YAK today--cleaned the house. Jerad, my son, is contemplating moving out on his own soon, and the hospital where I work is having a tent sale for Relay to Life in a couple of months, so I want to clean out things i won't use, or have stored for an enternity, and have still not used. DD still stores some of her things here, but they will be going down to her in a few months too. Ahhhhhhhhhh, can you hear it---a sparkling clean house? LOL. Well, it wont be that easy. We are still looking at some remodeling projects too. So, it will be moving day around here for awhile (moving things from room to room). We are going to work on my quilt studio/bedroom first. Then the kitchen (AGAIN), and then the bathroom. Those are only at the top of my list. So it will still be slow going, but now when I see a mess, i know only my dh and I have made it. LOL.
On the quilting homefront today. I email a gal that does some quilting for me, and will be sending her a quilt soon--not for me, it is a gift for a friend that house burnt down. Hopefully it will bring a little light to her day. Then, i cut out some purple blocks from different fabric for another quilt. I think i will send that to Cotie at a later date. Then I need to get backing for another quilt done to take with me to retreat to drop off for another gal to quilt. Whew, I am tired already, and honeys this is only the tip of the iceberg! YIKES!
Retreat is only two weeks away, and I want to get my things together for it! Hoping to take some binding along for the road trips--always make the time go by faster.
later gators!

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