Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am on a roll...................

Just visiting some other blogs and came upon one that is doing a give away. It is at Nikki's Blog. Go and visit her if you get a chance and get in on her blog adventures.
Came home and made potato soup---my absolute favorite easy meal. DH had one of those pocket thingy meals. He likes them, and it was easy. I am on call tonite, so anything easy will do. I keep thinking about going and sew, or embroidery, but my feet never move in that direction. I am tired, so will call it a nite!


Niki said...

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and signing up for the giveaway! The soup sounds yummy, you should post the recipe! :) HUGS

Carol said...

Hi Deb
Thanks for stopping at my blog...the perle cotton containers were from Bird Brain Designs. They told me that if I need more to just e-mail them and they would send me more. Very nice gals.